Testosterone Therapy For "Low T" Carries Danger

Testosterone Therapy For "Low T" Carries Danger

Patient information: See associated handout on testosterone treatment , composed by the authors of this article. No clear lower limit of testosterone was established; nonetheless 15 ng per dL (0.5 nmol per L) commonly is used. One study 38 found that women with 0 to 10 ng per dL (0 to 0.3 nmol per L) had noticeably decreased sexual desire in all situations and absent or markedly reduced climaxes. Due to studies in this way, supplemented with anecdotal evidence, many women are started on testosterone treatment. Most girls can expect to spend one third of their lives in the postmenopausal stage. Depression, anger, moodiness, insomnia, and lack of well being are common criticisms of postmenopausal women.

testosterone therapy side effectsThis promotes the protein synthesis hoped for and anticipated by this life transforming program and therapy, all while controlling to keep the cliché, quality of life deteriorating side impacts http://tinyurl.com/hvm4td7 far away and out of sight. It is our philosophy that each patient must be seen by their physician and have repeated follow-up blood work and consultations to ensure that the regimen prescribed remains ideal to provide you with the greatest possible results.

But if a competitive and licensed doctor is for the right motive, under the appropriate condition and administers the treatment, it can sure deliver great advantages. The team, led by endocrinologist Dr. Shalender Bhasin, gave 306 men http://tinyurl.com/hvm4td7 over the age of 60, all of whom had low to normal levels of testosterone, either testosterone gel or a placebo every day for three years. A blow is struck by this finding to the multibillion dollar business that's sprung up around testosterone recently. Some earlier studies had suggested that testosterone treatment could put men at higher risk for cardiovascular problems such as heart attack and stroke.

Doctors primarily prescribe HRT because they trust that it could Help guard against certain diseases that menopausal-age girls are at increased risk: heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, thyroid disorder, and some types of cancer. There are natural herbal libido supplements that can raise your testosterone level and improve sexual performance. As a man ages, his testosterone levels decrease which can lead to a number of issues, usually related to his sexual functions.

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