Safety First - Using Reflective Lanyards To Improve Safety Inside Your Organization

Safety First - Using Reflective Lanyards To Improve Safety Inside Your Organization

If your company or organization needs to put safety first, you should consider investing in reflective lanyards. Almost every company uses lanyards these days because they help keep a variety of objects handy such as ID badges, keys, cell phones, and proximity cards. It does not matter whether your employees are school crossing guards, construction workers, security guards, or emergency personnel because both your employees and the public can benefit from reflective lanyads. Please continue reading to find out how reflective lanyards can make your world a safer place. Reflective lanyards are available in one standard width (5/8") and length (36 inches), although there are two other widths available (3/4" and 1-inch) if you choose to order customized reflective lanyards. These lanyards are made out of an UltraWeave high-quality polyester with a reflective surface. There are several different colors of lanyards available, including black, red, yellow, and blue. The yellow would probably be the best lanyard to get if you are concerned about safety considering it is easy to see even in fairly low-light conditions. These lanyards come with swivel hooks that make it easy to hang your badge or ID card. They also come with break-away clasps, so you won't have to worry about someone inadvertently being injured by his/her lanyard. And some of these lanyards even come with a message woven into the fabric, such as "Safety first."

If you want to get a message printed on your lanyard, you can have the lanyards silk screened or, if you really want to get fancy, you can get luminescent printing that glows in the dark. The glow-in-the-dark lanyards are perfect for use in any situation in which visibility is important.

So, you're probably wondering where and when reflective lanyards should be used. Here are a few possibilities:

At concerts, especially when worn by event personnel. This way, everyone knows who is in charge and you can prevent injury from occurring to both crowd members and the musicians on-stage.

At the scene of an emergency. Paramedics and police officers absolutely need to be seen in a situation like this and a reflective lanyard can help them be recognized by everyone.

On construction sites. Places in which there is construction going on can be very dangerous. When a laborer wears a reflective lanyard in addition to other safety attire (such as a hardhat), he/she is much more likely to be seen. Foremen should also wear reflective lanyards, not only so they can be see, but so that people know who's the boss

In warehouses or any other place in which heavy lifting occurs. The more visible you and your employees are, the better.
There are many other situations in which reflective lanyards can be worn. These are just a few examples. Safety is important in just about every situation, so if you think you need reflective lanyards, chances are, you do. By investing in reflective lanyards, you will not only enjoy a safer environment, you will have peace of mind, which is always a wonderful thing to have.

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